WiSE24 2020

Women's International Showcase of Entrepreneurs
Power by Women's Startup Lab in Silicon Valley

June 18, 2020

About Program

WiSE 2020 is a global initiative for women start-up founders and leaders who promote innovation and social growth to facilitate collaboration and create change in the economy.
Initiated by Women’s Startup Lab, with the support of Ukrainian Hub in Ukraine.

What is WiSE24 2020?
The second annual global WiSE24, Women’s International Showcase of Entrepreneurs.

The 24-hour event will broadcast live pitches and performances by 50 women-led startups in 10 regions of the world, including San Francisco (USA), New York (USA), Taipei (Taiwan), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (Korea), Sao Paulo (Brazil), and Kyiv (Ukraine).
The theme of the event — “Rise Locally, Empower Globally” – calls on technology and innovation leaders, both domestic and international, to seek new markets, talents, and investment opportunities.

WiSE24 will bring together 1,000+ global investors, politicians and business leaders to discuss opportunities to accelerate innovation and build economic growth worldwide. In addition to the areas of financial technology, biotechnology, consumer technology and socially influential projects, this year’s event will also feature startups working on innovative solutions to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Our principles

Although competition is important, results can also be achieved through cooperation. Imagine that startups work together to improve their product, create alliances and support each founder.

The goal of the annual event is to cultivate a community that invests in each other, choosing the best innovations to create an “open” world.
WiSE24 embodies the vision of the Women Startup Lab and the Hito philosophy (Hito means “man” in Japanese).

Hitology is people who, leaning on each other, succeed together.

Join the movement and join the story of creating something new, because together we are powerful.

The composition of the program WiSE24


Startup pitches

Pitch of the founders of technological and innovative projects


World leaders

Speakers on women's participation in innovation in the world



Workshops for business development in various areas of technology and innovation


SWAP Pitch

Show cases of startup programs from around the world

Benefits for participants

Promotion at the global level

Opportunity to present your startup to investors and industry leaders around the world Publications of the event and participants in the international media


Training and networking

Best practices of presentations from experts from the USA and Europe Communication with a network of women founders from around the world


Expanding the market

Paths for new market opportunities for your business outside your region Strengthening and creating new global connections

Greetings to our finalists!

Ukrainian women entrepreneurs who will represent the country at the 24-hours Global Pitch Marathon WiSE24 2020

Margaret Rimek, co-founder and CEO at PIX

PIX the first company to create smart interactive backpacks. Last year the company sold 10k backpacks globally and achieved $ 1m+ in revenue.

PIX team grew from 3 co-founders to 13 full-time employees. Currently, Margaret and team are developing new products that will be launched in 2020.

Lyubov Artemenko, co-founder and COO Go To-U

Go To-U is a booking platform for electric vehicle chargers.

Go To-U was selected as a Top-10 company which solves the major challenges of sustainable mobility by Michelin Movin’On Connect StartUp Challenge and Start-up of the Year by MOVE2020 Start-Me-Up Challenge in London. Go To-U is being supported by Techstars (accelerator program Smart Mobility ’20), raised $ 270k and recently announced seed round.

Anastasiia Romanova, cofounder and CEO SEMCS by Mosquito Control

SEMCS by Mosquito Control — smart eco-friendly system intended to protect people outdoors from mosquitoes.

SEMCS by Mosquito Control was selected as 1 out of 6 prominent projects to present Ukraine at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, participated in EO Business Incubators and was featured as top-6 best hardware start-ups by UVCA. Currently, Mosquito Control launches in new markets, partnering with companies from the USA, Japan, Singapore, Jamaica, and Pakistan.

Daria Kichuk, co-founder and CEO Effa

Effa is a disposable eco-friendly toothbrush made of paper aiming to eliminate plastic pollution.

During 2019−2020 the team were actively generating sales for Effa toothbrush.
As a result Effa have signed the first contract with a major Korean hotel distributor for 2.5m toothbrushes to be delivered to Lotte Hotels in 2020 and a contract with Netflix for 60K toothbrushes to be delivered every month to their offices in California.

Liza Voronkova, CTO ComeBack Mobility

CTO ComeBack Mobility — company that developed smart insoles that restore gait.

Survey of orthopedists in the USA revealed a problem that needed a solution. Thus, ComeBack Mobility team developed an MVP and has already received positive feedback from more than 600 potential customers. Star-up raised pre-seed round investments and currently conducts clinical trials.

Olena Khlivna and Daria Siedykh, co-founders Sport.Vision

Sport. Vision — Real time based on AI analytical reports for trainers.

Olena and Daria have got the first client and are going to close 2 presale deals.

We’ve created cooperation with one of the stakeholders in the sports tech market. This partnership brings to our analytical system data from hardware trackers that is already in the market.

Olena Khlivna and Daria Siedykh were speakers at Data natives online conference Berlin where they shared experience in SportsTech to colleagues.

Ukrainian Team WiSE24

The persons work every day to provide the best practice to Ukrainian startups


Olesya Malevanaya

Chapter Leader WiSE24 2020 in Ukraine

Co-Founder, Ukrainian Hub


Mick Safron

Chapter Leader WiSE24 2020 in Ukraine

Co-Founder, Ukrainian Hub


Olga Goldina

Content Manager WiSE24 2020 in Ukraine

Co-Founder, Ukrainian Hub

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Partners WiSE24 2020 in Ukraine

WiSE24 program
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Regional partner of the global initiative.
The founders of the organization Olesya Malovan and Mykyta Safronenko are regional leaders of the WiSE 2020 program in Ukraine

WSLab is a leading accelerator in Silicon Valley, known worldwide for accelerating the path to funding and success for women founders of technology startups.

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